Wolf Howling

Brandon Walker,

Pretend Author Extraordinaire

Welcome to my home page! Enjoy your stay!

Welcome, one and all, to this webpage. My name is Brandon and by day I'm an IT Professional. But by any other time I'm something else. Gamer, reader, learner, and most importantly writer. I've written a number of manuscripts, and I've even polished some of them! I hope to put myself out there some day and publish some of these manuscripts.

My main interest in writing lies in urban fantasy, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to write other things, it's just what I'm most interested in! I hope to try other genre's down the line if I actually managed to get published in the first place.

The manuscripts I have all contain LGBT protaganist's because I feel like more good stories need to be written with people like that at the forefront. I'm a strong believer in LGBT representation.

Alright, now to the fun stuff! One of my manuscripts is about a gay teen who gets turned into a werewolf. It was my first stab at writing a YA manuscript and I think it turned out pretty well. In fact I really hope to get this one off the ground! If you're interested in reading the first chapter then click this link:

Untitled Manuscript #2 Chapter 1.

Once you've finished reading it I hope you'll send me some feedback about what you liked, didn't like, couldn't stand, etc etc. I'd be pleased and honored to hear from you. You can reach me at brandon@bwalkerbooks.com. And hey, while you're here, check out the rest of my (still partially under construction) site!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!